About me

Dream On L.I.F.E – Love Is For Everyone

This is somewhere you can express your self (but with care for others (All hate, harsh, offensive and inappropriate comments will not be published) you can send in your art, music, written, your hobbies what you like to do, things you’ve done, what song your in to at the moment or your favorite song or a song or artist who that has made a difference to you. A book you’ve read and think others should read. A poem or short story or maybe even some of your own advice for others.

We are all equal and should all be able to express our selves.

So express your selves don’t be afraid to show who you are because being your self is the best thing.

Don’t be a second someone, be the first and only you, be yourself because that’s you need to be, you, yourself are beautiful and perfect in your own way.

Ask me questions about things that are going on with you or your friends, family, school or your life, I’m here to see if I can help, to show you you have people there to support you and get you through hard times and be there with you through the good times to.

I’ll give you my opinion on the situation and hopefully it will help, I can either post the reply on the site or just send it to you privately.

Any hate, offensive or inappropriate comments will not be shown.


Xo E