Dryden, Deputy Administrator, NASA, 11 Summer,” twelve June 1962

Dryden, Deputy Administrator, NASA, 11 Summer,” twelve June 1962

Which memo summarizes a february 1956 fulfilling amongst the CIA, Sky Weather Provider, and you will Hugh Dryden, then director of your own National Consultative Panel towards Aeronautics (NACA), to your protection story that the You-2 is an environment reconnaissance airplanes. NASA continued its participation on the safeguards story when it took more NACA, however, is significantly ashamed by it throughout the wake of shoot-off of Gary Powers’ planes in may 1960.

NASA proceeded the engagement when you look at the security tales pursuing the capture-off of Gary Vitality, but didn’t take a public character because had with this new U-dos

Which memo summarizes a good 1962 CIA ending up in Dryden, now deputy administrator away from NASA, toward safeguards tale to have and also the technical advances of the A-several, new CIA’s organized successor to your You-dos. During the 1964, President Johnson established the clear presence of new “A-11”, that was really the Heavens next Force’s YF-12A interceptor which had started cancelled. The new Good-12 stayed secret for a long time.

To change the development and you can dissemination regarding safeguards stories having over reconnaissance vehicles, new cleverness society based new Interdepartmental Contingency Believed Committee within the 1963. Robert Seamans, next NASA’s representative officer, try a consultant. Whilst the Committee was still around since the first seventies, none of the info could have been put-out.

While it began with 1961, NASA looked to the fresh NRO having adult cams that will gather the high-top quality graphics must come across Apollo landing internet into Moonlight. It focused on the new SAMOS E-step one film readout program, which in fact had flown several times in advance of most of the SAMOS movie readout systems have been terminated at the conclusion of 1961.

Document 18: DoD/CIA-NASA Contract to your NASA Reconnaissance Programs, twenty-eight August 1963. Key/BYEMAN. Which have cover letter off Roswell Gilpatric, Deputy Assistant from Cover, to help you James E. Webb, Manager, Federal Aeronautics and you may Place Administration, twenty eight August 1963, Top secret/BYEMAN.

The brand new secretary off security and NASA’s manager finalized so it contract installing the newest measures significantly less than it you may and obtain Federal Reconnaissance Program webcams to help you photo the fresh new Moonlight. It had been closed just weeks just before NASA provided the fresh new Requests Proposition with the the latest Lunar Orbiter spacecraft. During the 1964, NASA given new offer so you can Boeing whose spacecraft incorporated the latest Age-step 1 cam.

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Once the aforementioned agreement (Document 18) are signed, the fresh NRO’s manager and you will NASA’s affiliate manager signed so it contract number the fresh new group level of on the forty sort of suggestions related to they.

Broadening issues of your own national security firms one NASA could not protect safeguards beneath the independent “white” and you will “black” deal measures of one’s August 1963 agreement resulted in it modification in 1964 closed by the NRO’s director and you may NASA’s user manager. They provided that the brand new NASA carry out get the gear because the categorized Bodies Equipped Products regarding the NRO.

In the event that the new Lunar Orbiters didn’t create the requisite pictures to select Apollo landing internet, NASA desired to travel National Reconnaissance System cams inside a great manned lunar orbital objective to obtain it. The new NRO’s director and you may NASA’s member administrator signed this agreement so you’re able to present the necessary measures. The codeword annexes remain categorized. The fresh unclassified opportunity label try Lunar Mapping and you can Questionnaire Program and the classified label try Upward.

File twenty two: NRO, Alexander H. Nitze, ainsi que al., “NASA Lunar Mapping and you can Questionnaire System (LMSS),” 22 August 1967. Top secret/BYEMAN.

Five Lunar Orbiters towards the Age-1 cam travelled during the 1966-1967 and gathered the photographs expected to come across Apollo obtaining internet. Inside memo, new NRO director informs the fresh deputy secretary away from coverage, DCI, and you can president’s research mentor one to NASA provides terminated the fresh Lunar Mapping and you can Questionnaire Program.

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