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So, this article will consider the guide on how to fix an Audio Renderer Error. YouTube videos and the sound wont play when I have Sibelius 7.5 open.

  • But adding buffering (via reduce buffering disabled, triple buffering, or pre-rendered frames) always increases latency, making it the option of absolute last resort.
  • Updated to latest firmware, reset to factory default and then reset my network through web GUI.
  • You must try this method as this will fix the Pen pressure in your Huion tablet.
  • Computer problems are bound to happen every now and then, so you have to be prepared to take action in any scenario.
  • This is especially problematic when I’m using a bluetooth headset, and the car disconnect/reconnects – temporarily stealing the call from the headset.

The following settings are intended; however, if you still do not obtain the results you require, you can further drop your graphic settings. Even if you have the best goal, you can slip behind Overwatch’s competition with frame rates below average. One of our visitors who loved the over watch asked us to publish an informational guide onHow to Increase FPS in Overwatch Laptop.

Method 8: Update Your Display Tablets Driver

This leaves just one of the AirPods to pair with your device. Event Viewer may be logging some warning or error code at the time of the disconnects. There may have been some update that is screwing things up.

Run Minecraft In Compatibility Mode And As An Administrator

At last, restart the Huion tablet to check if the issue resolved. Check whether the terminal of batteries is connected properly or not.

After waiting for a few seconds, simply plug back the device and open the application that you were using. Now, the audio renderer error should be gone unless the drivers or system files of your computer are corrupted. When this error message comes up on YouTube, you can check if the connection is properly connected or not. Due to the loose connection of the audio playback devices, you can see this error message on the screen. Once the startup is complete, repeat the action that was previously causing the “audio processor error.” Please restart your computer.

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